About Patina

For the past 10 years Rich & Geffen have run their Newcastle restaurant & pottery, Kiln. A blend of Middle Eastern and Northumbrian food, warmth of culture and energy. With a shared love of Scotland from a lifetime of exploring, living and eating Rich and Geffen opened their second restaurant Patina.

A bakery and cultural space

Patina brings together a curiosity of food with personal interests of design and performance. Food is a big part of what we do but our passion comes from a curiosity in people, place, friendship and creativity.


Since we began we’ve wanted to make spaces where everyone feels welcomed and accepted. At Kiln we have over 13 nationalities on our staff with regulars from all over the world. Patina similarly is somewhere we celebrate difference, encourage conversation and where you will always have a sense of belonging. We hope you enjoy what we have built.